Cutting Edge Interviewing Workbook

Workbook It's no secret that interviewing is overwhelming and incredibly stressful. We often have thoughts of "I hate interviewing!," "What if I fail?," and "I have no idea what they are looking for!" Not anymore! With Cutting-Edge Interviewing we now have a step-by-step workbook, teaching us new concepts to help land our next dream job.

Christine's sales background coupled with her extensive coaching experience offers us an innovative approach to mastering the interview in today's ultracompetitive market. Christine takes common interviewing strategies, like STAR, and transforms them into massive value-adding techniques, including her SPAR concept.

She also coaches us on the Magic Question, which according to her clients is the most powerful interviewing technique available...transforming every conversation beginning to end.

And just when everyone thinks the interview process is over, Christine uncovers yet more ways to keep adding value. Her Follow-Up with a Purpose concept guarantees that you are poised to receive the maximum offer possible.

If you're looking for fluff, this workbook isn't for you. But if you want to get to the heart of an interview and focus on exactly what you need to do in order to land your dream job, then Cutting-Edge Interviewing was made for you.

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