Christine Hutchins, CPC, CEIP

Christine Hutchins is the creator and owner of Superior Interviewing & Careers as well as author of Cutting Edge Interviewing. She is a certified professional coach, certified employment interview coach, and energy leadership index master practitioner specializing in:

* Sales Communication Coaching
* Interview Coaching
* Personal Development Coaching

Christine is passionate about empowering people to discover their own personal strengths and the value they have to offer potential employers or clients. She helps her clients thrive personally and professionally by teaching them how to effectively communicate their value in any situation. Her background is unique to the interview coaching world, with over 15 years of pharmaceutical and biotech selling experience, and over 6 years of coaching experience, she approaches interviewing from a sales perspective to help her clients land lucrative job offers.

She developed many of her cutting-edge communication techniques while working with numerous "non-sales" type clients when two major employers in her community experienced large lay-offs. Christine was determined to help her immensely talented, yet terrified of interviewing, clients find powerful ways to communicate their value in interviews.

Christine frequently serves as a guest speaker for sales teams, local colleges, women's empowerment groups, and numerous groups hoping to maximize the power of communication.

She lives in northern Colorado where she and her husband enjoy time with her three step-kids, three dogs and two horses.